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Active Chapter

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Is this an active chapter ??
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Re: Active Chapter (FrenchCamp49er)

It is if your name is Felix and you just bought a new S60.

Welcome to Swedespeed and Volvo Land.

Much of the CA Volvo scene is at




so you may need to stir things up a bit "up north".

Just last week you may have spotted a bunch of hotrod Volvos tooling up I5 going to play Hornish at Thunderhill...


Here is a list of Chapters from the VCOA site


You can get a list of VCOA members in your area by sending an email to Tricia Patricco at http://www.vcoa.org/contactus/index.php

Will you be making the Tahoe Meet?


George Dill

Temple, Texas, USA
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Re: Active Chapter (gdill2)

I would really like to make the meet, but as of now I will be working, and have taken the holidays off in November and December. I may get a transfer sometime between now and next march so you never know !!
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