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Some of you may know the story of my 850R through my build thread. This is a video I made a while back showing the chronological progress repairing my 850R and bringing it back to life to be enjoyed that way it was intended. It started with the discovery of a lost cylinder which turned out to be a burnt exhaust valve. Instead of getting rid of the car or leaving it neglected, I decided to try and repair it myself. Before this, I've had little experience working on cars so this was a great learning process for me. And I couldn't be more appreciative of all the help I received here on the forum. So this video, in a way, is a thank you to you all.

While repairing the head, I decided now was a great time to add some performance parts while the engine bay was apart. Parts added were larger blue injectors, 16t turbo, full exhaust system, all new maintenance items, intake, front mount intercooler, big brake kit, full suspension, springs, sway bars, etc.

But, as I mentioned, this video was made a while ago. I didn't publish it because the car has since gone through another round of upgrades since making the video; M56 manual swap, larger hybrid k24 turbo, even larger 900cc Deatschwerks injectors, Quaife LSD, etc. And I felt I should edit it again to include the new changes. But, once again...the car is currently going through yet another third round of changes and I've realized I will never be done or satisfied with this "project". Therefore, I decided to publish this video as it is and to be able to make available some more content for all Volvoheads out there. I'll probably make a part 2 to this video once the current round of changes are done to the car.

Thank you to everyone who helped, commented, provided tips, sold me parts, lent a hand, etc. I really learned a ton in the process and I'm very appreciative. Big thanks to all who's name you saw in the engine bay shot. Big thanks to Robert DIY for his countless 850 videos. And big thanks to FCP Euro who sponsored a part of this build, I appreciate you guys, your parts, and your support!

Enjoy! And subscribe if you're not already, it's free you cheap-o.

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