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So the past few weeks I have bought alot of things form my caR off craigslist. Today I picked up the ipd boost guage and pod, blue vac tubing. viva ultra slim hid kit. powerflex front strut brace pushings, lower engine torgue arm bushing, and some other nonsense for next to nothing.

As I am considering installing the hid kit (since i didnt initially think of purchasing it but was able to get everything for a cheap price) I have a few questions that I have not been able to answer with searching not only this forum, but others as well. My only questions are do I need to worry about the wiper motor (get the drls disabled) or is that not really a concern? and how the hell do I wire it?

I will be posting pictures later of everything thhat has been done to the car in the last few weeks. I also upgraded the interior lights to LEDS.

I really would appreciate some help. Im sure it has all been asked before, but I had no luck searching. I did read the thread in the sticky, but that seems to answer modifications to the fog light housing itself, nothing about wiring it, or am I just overthinking it?
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