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My friends all have Volvo's but I have a Ford ranger. I have the option to buy a 1999 V70R from one of them, he is also a member here Kaizai. I don't know a thing about Volvo's but when I compare some of the specs like MPG I don't see much of a difference. I understand that a Volvo is safer but it's also more expensive to maintain.

If anyone has experience with the 1999 V70R I'd appreciate your opinion on maintanence and overall cost.


- Rob

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Also check out Volvospeed.com for more info on this generation of Volvos. The hot topic lately has been the ETM (electronic throttle module) failure on the 99-00 cars but Volvo recently decided to warranty this so no worries there. I don't have an R but my car is pretty close to it. The AWD needs to be taken care of and it is generally a high maintenance car but it drives wonderfully. Never a dull moment.

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Re: (Big Will)

I got the car back from the shop, and it had a lot of little things fixed.

Common problems for 850/70 series that were replaced.

ABS/Tracs Module
Blower Motor for AC system
Upper Torque mount
Bevel Gear Resealed

Plus it had
Oil changed
All new brake pads
Brake fuild flushed
And a few other things

There was also a recall SW UPGRADE 155
part # 30785451 and they replaced an air tube...

Other than that the only other common problem is the ETM which is covered to 200k I think?

The engine feels much better after the software upgrade, it is a lot smoother.

If Rob doesn't buy it, it is for sale so I will post an ad in the classifieds section.
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