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I managed to get myself the Öhlins Road Holding Kit. At first I found an advertisement for Öhlins front shocks, when I dialled the number, the phone showed me that I already have this number saved. Ofc lol this was the guy who sold me brand new-like Propus wheels with tyres included for like 200$ So a week after, I had this lying in my garage:

Few days after I spoke to my father who went to pick them up and he told me, that the guy´s father handed him these shocks, but at first, he pulled rear ones from the shelf. I didn´t wait a second and dialled the guy again, he told me that he was gonna call me and ask if I want the rears aswell and since I already bought the rims and the fronts from him, he´d give em for free - great. So next few days later, I had the complete set, not incl. the strut brace and clips to hold the reservoires onto it. No big deal:

Unless...yeah...Those are pretty fcking beat up shocks and the AWD ones aswell, damn! So I took a drill with a grinding wheel and went to check the damage:

Good, the rust is only on the surface, great.

Few days later, I found a guy from Krenek motorsport, who offered a help with Öhlins sh*t (bikes are no problem, but try to find a shop that does cars Öhlins stuff in Czech Republic, gl)
Brought him the set and this is what he´d done with it:

Now the main PITA was to actually identify what the hell are we dealing with here, because Öhlins ofc didn´t have anything like that on their web, neither did Volvo and nobody knew nothing. After a few sleepless nights at my side and after a few charismatic convos with Öhlins Sweden from the Krenek guy, we got some internal (top fcking secret) blueprints etc. and identified what is going on.

Great so. It will be a royal pain in the azz getting this fit onto a FWD car, there is a problem with few parts, lemme list it:

1) sealings and o-rings and nitrogen refill for main refurb is availible, good
2) parts to rework the AWD rear into the FWD are kind of short
3) there is a different upper part of the rear shock (the aluminium cap) than what I need, ofc Öhlins doesn´t have that anymore, need to figure if it will fit with rear upper mount
4) rear shock hoses for reservoires and reservoires themself are different for AWD, but that´s no big deal, it´s just a different design of reservoires and a bit longer hoses, won´t do anything about it for now
5) front upper mount including the spring seats and their bushings are completely useless, gotta get new ones, but those are just standard C70 stuffz
6) rear lower mount is completely different, gotta get new subframe - strut lug - Öhlins still should have those
7) hoses are okay, but the transparent "spaghetti" insulation is awful, all brown and dirty from the heat and oil, since the new hoses are 80€ a piece, we will just strip them of fittings, have those galvanized and leave the hoses w/o insulation, doesn´t matter a bit

8) rears are severly rusted, meaning it´ll have to be galvanized thoroughly and then painted
9) fronts are very decent, only need to be sanded and repainted, by any means, some parts of it must not get in touch with any kind of acid used in getting the rust off
10) Öhlins still have clamps to hold reservoires in place on the strut brace - 35€ a piece, yeah fck that, im gonna have them custom made on a CNC machine for fraction of the price

The most important part of this, is that I have completely no idea what springs I should use. AFAIK the fronts are just a standard C70 springs, the rears should be a bit shorter - namely this: http://www.dily-volvo.cz/Volvo/S70-V70-00/Podvozek-rizeni-S70-V70-00/Pruzeni/Zadni-pruzina-1-2.html this is a lowered blue marked G rating spring, it´s length is 375mm and it´s over a 120€ a piece, original PN is 3546285 and only skandix have those these days, since Volvo discontinued them. There are also red marked springs PN 3546893 which are still availible from Lesjöfors for like 28€ a piece, but these are a bit longer (388mm) heavy duty springs. I think I wanna use these, because if fronts are paired with lowered rears, the rear is just too low compared to the front. But if anyone of You know exactly what should I use, I would very much welcome and appreciate any help !!!

Right now, this is all info I can provide. My next step is to pick the fronts up to have them sanded and painted and the Krenek guy is going to take care of galvanizing the rears and some other shiz.
Price estimate is about 1k€ without knowing the exact price of sanding, painting and parts needed to rebuild AWD to FWD rears, so likely a bit more. Work fitting and transportation not included.

Hope You enjoy the topic and I welcome any advices and help
Kriss P.
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