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99 V70R Blue Gauge Cluster $150 Shipped CONUS

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No pictures yet because left my camera at home, but will try and get some up this weekend.

Will only work in 99-00 S/V/C70s. May work in 00+C70s also.

Cheaper for local pickup.
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Re: 99 V70R Blue Gauge Cluster $150 Shipped CONUS (DWBF1)

Will it work in a '98 S70?
The cluster itself isn't plug and play, but some people say you can swap the faces over directly to your 98 cluster and make it work that way. I test fitted the faces in a spare 98 cluster I had, but I did not actually hook anything up and run a test to see if it worked.

And here's a picture:
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Bump. Going on eBay next week if no one wants it here.
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