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Found these skins on a non R car but upon pulling them I found there was extra padding installed on them so a I decided to see if they’d fit a set of 99-00 R seats I have lying around and they fit!! The back side is original leather. I personally would have kept these if I had a 99-00 car but I don’t so the seat back wouldn’t fit my 98 and I can’t install the seats because I want to have air bags.

I did a rough install on the driver side with zip ties to check fitment. Passenger side I just laid over the seat to show the leather. They feel amazing as I’ve grown to hate the alcantara on my seats. So I can either get hog rings and really and install them or you can have a professional do it which I’d recommend. The skins were off a car that had manual seats so if you have power then there will be a small hole by the seat belt or I can take some charcoal material I have a cover it up.

$300 shipped just skins
$400 picked up with seats.

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