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98 V70R overheated

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My 98 v70r just overheated an is leaking coolant out from around the turbo dnt have the money or tools to get in there right now but anyone know what could possibly b wrong without any pics or more detail maybe a hose? (I hope)
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The hose could have bursted, causing the engine to overheat. If it was turned off in time, the engine should be safe. If not, look into doing a head job.

That little turbo hose is a common one to fail.

There are also two heater hoses in this area as well.
Easy fix, you're lucky it's just a heater hose... as long as the engine is okay.

If the heater core failed, it would smell like coolant inside the cabin. Those hoses don't actually plug directly into the core, they connect to pipes that travel lower to the core.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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