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Link to CL ad for photos: https://lancaster.craigslist.org/cto/d/parkesburg-98-volvo-v70-xc/6860038570.html

1998 Volvo V70 Cross Country. B5254T engine (2.4L 5-cylinder turbo), automatic trans. $1500 OBO
Location: eastern Pennsylvania
It has 216k miles on it, runs and drives well but has a few issues, most of which I have the parts for. Clean title in hand.
I’ve done a lot of work to the car (and bought a lot of parts to do more), and I love it but I just don’t have the time to spend working on it or driving it like it deserves.
If you want more details or photos, please email/text me. I usually cannot respond before 4pm.

I’m selling the car and all the parts listed as one lot. Basically, you’re getting $1200 of new parts and a $300 car.

Parts I’ve replaced / service done in the past 18 months:
PCV breather kit
ABS unit rebuild
Water pump
Distributor rotor/cap
Spark plugs
Exhaust manifold gasket
Plug wires
Engine air filter
Cabin air filter
Barometric pressure sensor
Exhaust purge valve
MAP sensor
Turbo control valve
Battery (literally this afternoon… 5-year replacement warranty)
ECU cooling hose
Wiper blades
Rear hatch struts
Front valence air guide
Fuel injectors
Front brake rotors and pads
Driver and passenger power window switches
Some vacuum lines (have more silicon line)
Stereo head unit (double-DIN touch screen w/Bluetooth. Still have original, though)
Steering column adjustment lever
License plate bracket
Super sweet Scuderia Volvo shields (magnets, not stickers. I had extras made: 5 more sets)

New-in-box parts that come with the car:
Entire steering rack
Tie rods w/ball joints
Power steering pump
Timing kit
Cylinder head gasket kit
Head bolts
Valve seats
Valve cover gasket rings
Wheel speed sensor (just in case)
Front struts (Sachs) and seats
Front springs (Lesjofors)
Stabilizer links (Meyle)
Front lower control arms with ball joints
Ambient air temp sensor
Coolant temp sensor (OEM Volvo)
Parking brake shoes
Turbo oil return line clamps and gaskets
Trans cooling line seal kit
Coolant line clamps
Serpentine belt
Parking brake cable
HID headlight kit
Chilton manual
2 oil filters
Driver’s door check strap
2 OEM remotes (not programmed)
White, green, and red LED bulbs for instrument lights (I was going to try them all out and see what looked best)

Note: the new front springs and struts are for a FWD car, which will work fine and lower the front about an inch. The rear has perfectly working Nivomat auto-leveling shocks, and the springs are good.
I have all the emblems I removed from the back of the car in case you want to put them back on.
There is a P0172 code that keeps coming back (system too rich, front O2 sensor). The O2 sensor is fine; the car does run a little rich. I’m pretty sure this is because the vacuum line to the fuel pressure regulator needs to be replaced, I just haven’t gotten to it yet.
The inspection is not valid, needs the parking brake cable replaced.


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Fair deal for a nice looking XC! Hows the AWD? Still intact and working?

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Fair deal for a nice looking XC! Hows the AWD? Still intact and working?
It works great! Got me out of a couple tough spots last winter when the snowfall hit hard. I think the knuckles on the front need to be replaced, though, there's some juddering at full lock.
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