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98 S70 GLT ~136k Silver/Black int Norcal/Bay Area-SOLD!

Selling my 98 GLT for some money on a new car (Volvo of course!)

Located in Nor Cal/Bay Area
Runs great
19-21 mpg depending on mood and fun factor
Has CELs
NOT smog legal, CA or elswhere
Good project car for anyone who wants a second to eventually build on.
ZERO RUST (That i can see from under the car, engine bay/ in all my adventures under there)
Has never seen salt.
Magnaflow catalytic converter included. Part #46009. Not currently installed.
Not offered to other states due to that you can get by without such an expensive cat.
(I also want it for my next Volvo)
Why am I selling?
Because I want a manual and a whole list of other things. Such as a wagon.

SAS delete w/Radio shack resistor (no CEL)
OBX turbo back exhaust
16t (bought from Lucky)
ARD Green
IPD HD TCV and CBV (dont have the other spring :/)
And one overly large cone air filter. I also have the stock box w/K&N square filter, comes with both
Silicone vac lines (Red)

Stage Zero done at 128k (about, it was this year, so recently)
Kingsborne 8mm wires (Red)
Spark plugs
New tranny fluid
Switched to synthetic after turbo swap
Timing belt *probably* done at the dealer at 70k miles, as my grandma was the PO and she took it in. I have no proof of this or any stage zero...sorry about that.
EVAP Purge Valve and J hose

Lots of nicks and scrapes and such on the bumpers, little on the actual body of the car. Paint isn in great shape.
Lights, blinkers, etc work

Leather is in great shape other the the usual drivers side scruff from sliding into the seat. has not gone through and hasn't gotten worse.

The dash nearest to the windshield has shifted, pushing the remote lock out of its hole. It also cracked parallel with the car (read: small crack) one day while driving. I have not noticed any effects of it.
Hazard light button is "stuck" its extremely touchy, but works properly.
Speakers/radio/moon-roof/windows/etc work. Minus the radio antennae (I've always played off a tape input on my phone, so never bothered to fix it.)
Miscellaneous pieces have fallen off, like the "oh **** handle" screw covers and the passenger seat belt guide.

And now for the bad parts:
Multiple CELs.
TCV low voltage (But it works :confused: )
Gross EVAP leak- Don't even want to think about it. Replaced "J-hose" in attempt to fix, as well as the EVAP purge valve
Catalytic converter code-OBX exhaust

Pictures can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/xjgbm

These were taken on the day of posting.

Thats plasti-dip on the rims and grill.


OEM Radiator mount broke, so i made an "upgraded" mount of metal, but its slightly longer then stock, so the radiator looks like its falling off. Its also loose from the way i drilled it, but completely secure. Been driving with it for about 7 months, no issues.

Rear o2 may or may not have been duct tapd to the sub frame, where the duct tape proceded to melt around the threads. Haven't messed with it ....sorry...

Lots of bolts and screws that didn't have a home after each project=weight reduction
No turbo heat shield.
Front 12v socket doesn't work.
OBX down-pipe doesn't like my turbo and tries to pull away. Have to re tighten every now and again. (~3 months)
3 different kinds of tires. Front ones have decent tread on them, one of the backs is okay, and the other is a racing slick ;)
Brakes squeal every-time without fail. Once ( i made a game out of it) i got them to squeal for almost a minute straight coming up to a stoplight.
ABS light is on.
Slow oil leak. (Half the dipstick measuring lines over the course of the oil life)
Remote lock does not work (probably just needs a fob, not too sure though.)
Boost comes on late (3500rpm) for some reason. Pulls strong from there
Right wheel squeak at highway speeds

And the worst yet:

Window washer fluid light is on...... :eek:

Car is most definitely drive-able, it ran a [email protected] (ooookayyyy 94.63) at the drags, due to a late boost issue. (I have timeslips)
More to come as I remember things. Interior pics tomorrow (better lighting)

Text me at 925-899-4685 or email me at [email protected]

Emails appear almost instantly on my phone, so I'll get back to you quickly.

I'll also be looking at the forum daily.

Have a question? ASK! I'm sure I've left things out.

Thanks for looking,

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C'mon guys, all it needs is a little love. The interior is in fantastic condition and it runs strong. I'll even throw in the cat. For everyone.

Why so cheap?

I'd like to sell it ASAP, and not to some CL teenager who will put flames on it. I also don't have the time to track down those CELs and fix them.

I'd like a different car for college and a manual. As before, i don't have the time to fix a damn CEL, let alone do a manual swap.

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Alright, forgot that the ABS light comes on and off. Also, gonna put it on craigslist soon.

This car is in overall good condition. Apart from the exterior (95% bumpers, which are replaceable), it is in good health. The PO was a grandma who didn't drive it very often.
There are codes, and Ill post the exact ones soon.

The interior is in excellent shape. Apart from what you see on the drivers seat, which is shown in the pics, and the crack on the dash, also shown, nothing is wrong. Leather is still black and fresh looking. I just realized how little im selling it for, after seeing a thread where a guy bought a t5m for $2000 in worse condition. Not changing the price. All it needs is an experienced Volvo guy and some love.

Again, contact me anytime. I'll get back to you asap. I may also be able to get most of the maintenance records from the PO.
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