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1998 C70 high pressure turbo. automatic. red exterior tan interior with black trim.
70k miles.
all dealer maintained.
AMS boost conroller @ 15psi
boost gauge
K&N filter (never have to change filter again plus some HP)
XC grille
glass european jeweled headlights and turnsignals
frenched yellow fog lights
tinted tail lights
aerial down antenna from berton
3cd indash changer.
surround sound system with 12 speakers.
heated mirrors and leather seats
computer: mpg, average mpg, temerature, miles till u run out of gas(18 gallon tank)
powdercoated calipers
drilled rotors
carbon pads(those always squeak, but no brake dust)
at 60k miles, full service was done including new brake lines, bled system, new timing belt and chain, all oils changed, polen cabin filter changed, new exhaust.
brand new wheels and tires, bought at 68k miles.
17in wheels and 225 tires.

this car was owned by a guy that worked at the volvo dealer. very well maintained.

i am selling it because i want a manual car. otherwise if this was manual i would never sell it. witha bout 270 hp it picks up good. gets good mph. has 3 options of driving, sport with shifts up to a redline, economy fo best mpg, and winter for those crazy chicago winters, it will pull yo out of anything. also has headlight wipers that were the best thing that happend to me this winter.
this winter it was the cars first time seeing winter or rain or salt. during the winter i washed it every week to prevent any kinda salt or anything else on it.


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