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Prices without "obo" are firm.

Top HVAC: $25 obo
Bottom HVAC: $35 obo
Hazard Switch with non-broken tabs: $20

Passenger side seat foams w/working heater elements: $45 obo. I'd assume the heater elements are useful on the driver's side as well. If you'd like to take the risk of using the foam on your driver's side, we can work something out if the project fails. No worries.

Driver's side S70 Taillight: $25 obo
Has a small internal spider web crack, but cannot be felt on the outside, totally sealed. Will pass inspection.

Passenger side S70 Trunklid Taillight: $17

Omega 850/x70 Evaporator: $50 obo
Used for roughly three months, I think. No problems whatsoever.

New (less than 50mi use) Non-Nivomat AWD rear shocks: $110 obo incl. Volvo OEM boxes

Make offer pile: ECU lid (intact tabs), ECU breather tube (perfect no cracks), rear window switch (works great not sticky or brown), ashtray (not ashy)

All items are backed by my infinitely variable "I'm a good seller" warranty. If you've got a problem, just e-mail me.
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