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My 97 960 has blown head gasket but driveable although I dont recommend driving it much before fixing it as you will start to do real engine damage. It has served us well but time to move on.

Its got 290K and right now compression checks out so it may be worth the effort for someone out there to do the head gasket or maybe a parts car. The body is entirely straight, motor and transmission are very strong and I've towed many miles and many heavy trailers with it and it has trailer hitch on it. The only other things wrong is the parking brake doesnt work, AC fades on hills and also there is a pesky CEL on that I think the head gasket replace would fix.

If interested make me an offer close to the money I can get my hauling it to the scrapyard and you can come and get it and drive it a couple of 100 miles watching the water of course.

Email me at [email protected] if you want more details

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