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97 T5 wagon questions

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Hey guys someone is picking up my S60 on tuesday and i am looking at 850 T5, S70T5 and V70 T5 either way...i found an 97 850 T5 wagon with just around 90k miles on the clock. Questions,

a. how much life is left in this thing, b. what are some problem areas, c. does anyone have the Stage III on their car?
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Thats not bad mileage, if well maintained its got a good 200,000 miles on it before anything major.
My 94 850 has 233,xxx and runs like a champ, considering i drive it like a straped ass ape.
Re: (Borders II)

haha, well thats good to hear, unfortunately this one sold before i could get my hands on it, but thats what ive been hearing; properly maintained they can go for a LONG time. and yes i will be driving this car like a 'striped ass ape" as well
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Re: (bkrueger89)

Quote, originally posted by bkrueger89 »
... and yes i will be driving this car like a 'striped ass ape" as well

Then you would need to spend some money to do a COMPLETE stage 0, including a new breather box, etc plus all new suspension, vacuum lines, etc.
This is about the time they (ALL Volvos) need this to assure they will last another 100K miles
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Re: (JRL)

yep, it (stage 0) is first my list of things to do and suspension is a close second. my goal is to make everything as close to perfect as possible, and then later this summer/fall/winter i will be saving for the IPD stage III.
Re: (bkrueger89)

Buy my T5 and you're over halfway there
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