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I'm thinking about selling my 850.

I'm the 4th owner, and I got the car a year or so ago with a messed up front end and a broken timing belt so it had sitting for 5 years. 2009 - Dec 2014.
2009 is the last year the odometer on the car actually worked. It stopped at 216k but I think there has been around 40k put on it. Oil changes every 3k and I did the drain/refill on the tranny 1k ago.

The head was taken off and cleaned, then any and all bent valves were replaced along with the valve stem seals. There were 13 bent valves in total, and lapping each one in was a pita but made a whole world of difference.

Around the same time most if not all the sensors on the car got replaced since it sat for so long they all went bad.

I upgraded the turbo to a 16t and I snagged the blue injectors with it but never got around to putting them on the car. With the new turbo came a 3" to 2.5" catless straightpipe exhaust.
The car is very loud and probably won't pass emissions.
Turbo spools up nice and smooth no shaft play at all.
I hooked up a mbc and in the summer ran about 15 psi and it was a blast in between fuel cuts!

Anyway lots of work done still some left to do though. Any questions feel free to ask. ]I am gonna start up high and say $2k.


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