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What's it worth?

I'm weighing my options. The crankshaft/timing belt just let go on my 960 wagon, with all the resulting cam damage. Trying to determine what she's worth as is:

1995 960 wagon w/ 110,000
recent work: brakes (new front rotors, pads ,etc, and new pads in rear), new tires, replaced a/c, and new cooling fan unit (fan, motor, housing).

history: I got this car from my father in law who retired his keys after a stroke. He purchased it used w/ 48,000 miles on it while living in Atlanta, GA - I believe in '98. It had 89,000 on it when I got it in 2007 The timing belt was replaced at 70,000 miles, and he was good about servicing the car.

Apparently, they did not replace the idle pulley, as it just seized up, and melted its way thru the front cover on my way home last night

I had planned on running this car for several more years, and it is in over-all very good condtion (besides the engine damage...)

Anyone out there looking for a project?? Let me know if so - I'm trying to decide if I should tackle this one myself, or just move on.

pm me, or you can call me at: 508-904-0260
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