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This is pretty much a direct copy of my Craigslist ad. I'm not online much anymore, so it's best just to email me through the ad. I'll check in on this thread as much as possible.

I'm selling my 1995 850. The car has about 165k on it, but miles will continue to climb (the odometer still works) a bit because I typically drive it a few days a week. As the title states the car has a manual transmission. NJ inspection is good until 12/13. I'd like to sell outright, but would trade for a Miata as well. If I do trade I'm not really looking to put out cash, but it may be possible for the right car.

I have a fair amount of service history from the previous owner. The timing belt was done around 30k - 40k ago. I did a quick visual inspection of the belt when I first got the car and everything seems in order.

Typical older car type things that could be addressed:

- Suspension feels a little soft...the car can probably use sway bar bushings/end links

- Clear coat is peeling. Front seats do not have rips, but do show their age. The forward/back seat adjustments work, but the seat back adjustment does not. I'm told this is fairly common.

- Headliner is coming down in the rear, and the interior could use a good cleaning.

- The air conditioning does not work, nor has it since I have owned the car. The compressor does not engage so it may have a leak or need a charge.

- The clutch holds fine but releases high. I suspect it is original.

All things considered this car has been a great commuter....I really just want another Miata. I already have a comfortable daily driver and don't need another sedan right now.

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