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94 850 Turbo problem?

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Just the other day, me and my dad pulled up onto the boulevard, and as we do a white car comes flying up right behind us, so to avoid problems my dad puts a little power to the peddle. As we begin to speed off the engine back fires. So we figure the engine was just clearing out some bad stuff. So we get onto the highway, and then we notice we have no turbo boost. Driving down the highway my dad put the peddle to the metal a couple of times, but no boost at all. The needle on the boost gauge when right up to the middle. So as we exit the highway to stop somewhere, I still notice the whinding sound of the turbo at low RPM's. When we stop in a parking lot my dad revs the engine a couple of times, and as he lets of the gas the RPM's fall below 1,000, and as it rises back up to a little above 1,000 to get back to neutral, smoke blows out of the exaust as the car stutters a little bit. Is the turbo gone for good? When the turbo gauge on the car moves does that still signify life of the turbo? Are some of these symptoms similar to Prospero's problem? Is the fuel injector too dirty? Help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Noah K.
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Your problem really sounds like you blew a hole in a pressure hose like I did. Look at each hose and feel around for bubbles and holes. Check all clamps and connections as well. Also, check the rubber collar connecting the turbo to the output pipe (aluminum pipe going over the motor.) Look at these first and then let us know what's up. Good luck!

As well as what Prospero said as far as looking for leaks, check that the intercooler is not cracked. It does sound like a air leak that you have, if you can not find the problem take it to a dealer or someone who knows what to look for, it will save you time and money.
Thanks for the help so far guys. So far I haven't found any pipes or radiators cracked. But a guy that owns a Volvo shop thinks it has something to do with the piping also. Do the pipes breaking have anything to do with the smoke coming from the exaust? Thanks

Noah K.
It seems you Blow an intercooler hose!!!
Check the hiose and the intercooler pipes!!
If your got an loosen intercooler hose/pipes. You car may running so Rich ,thats why it is come out a lot of black smoke!!

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