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SOLD 18 Nov 2012

Make: Volvo
Model: 940 Wagon
Mileage: 264,572
Color: White w/ tan leather
Transmission: auto
Condition: fair
Misc additional information: see below
Location: Fayetteville, NC

I'm selling my 940 because I just purchased a new car and this one needs to go. My father owned it for about 10 years; I've had it for the past 1.5 years. I have documented maintenance/repairs/receipts from this timeframe -- prior to my father owning it, I have no further info.

During my 1.5 years of ownership, the vehicle has never let me stranded. It drives and rides well. Shocks/springs are in good shape, and the alignment is really good -- no pulling to the left/right at all. The R134A air conditioning system works very well. I've made numerous 3 to 4 hour trips in the vehicle without issue, so I have no concerns with its ability to make a long distance trip. In terms of basic point A to B transportation, this vehicle fits the bill. It does, however, display that it's had a well-used life, and most certainly is not the nicest 940 around (hence the price).

The Good

- Rides/drives well; still makes good power
- Transmission shifts well
- Power driver/passenger seats still work
- Has third-row jump seat
- Has integrated middle row booster seat
- Has very rare cargo security cover
- The A/C works very well, with no known leaks
- Power windows work
- Power antenna works (holla!)
- Radio/speakers work
- Tailgate shocks still in good shape and will hold up the tailgate
- Has trailer hitch w/ wiring kit, plus comes with 3 separate receiver/ball thingies
- Has sunroof wind deflector
- Has awesome side window deflectors (so you can crank your windows & rain still won't get in)
- Doesn't leak fluids
- Doesn't burn oil
- Cruise control works!
- Front brake pads have 80% life remaining

The Bad

Exterior: 6/10
Vehicle still has clear coat, and the paint is not peeling. Still shines up nicely.
- Dent(s) in front portion of hood. I have no idea what it's from. Whatever it was, however, pushed the hood back slightly which causes the hood to rub against the lower windshield valance whenever you raise the hood. Obviously there are stone chips & touch ups requisite a car with 265K miles.
- In some places, the shadow line trim is wearing off, showing metal underneath.
- Behind the passenger front wheel well, the rocker panel is dented in -- I don't know what that's from either.
- Front bumper cover on the passenger side isn't affixed properly, but strangely not loose.
- Various dings around the car.
- At some point, someone decided it'd be a bright idea to secure the screen in the windshield cowling with metal wire.
- Passenger headlight plastic is cracked, but still intact.

Interior: 5/10
- Leather seats are worn, and cracked in some places. Largely still together, with no stuffing showing through the cracks.
- Passenger front seat has some sort of blue stain on the seat bottom that I can't seem to get off.
- Headliner is stained and shows stains from sunroof having previously leaked. Sunroof does not currently leak; I don't know if the sunroof works or not. It's one of those things that I never use, and I don't want to try it in case it gets stuck or something. After you buy it, you're welcome to try it out :) FYI, I don't know if the headliner is stock or not, but it isn't sagging.
- Carpet has multiple stains in various locations.
- Floormats are in poor condition, however, this car comes with 3 sets of floor mats! 1) original, 2) floor mats from a 2001- XC70, and 3) universal all-weather rubber mats. Take them all, throw away what you don't want.
- The elastic in the front seat map pockets (the leather pockets on the backside of the front seat) is broken in both seats.
- The heated front seats don't appear to work. The light in the switches come on, but the seats don't seem to get warm.
- The shifter handle rubber has deteriorated and parts have chipped off. It's still perfectly functional though.
- The plastic portion of the glovebox knob is missing. You can still open the glovebox just fine.

- The speedometer stopped registering speed a few months ago. I parked the car and got a replacement instrument cluster installed -- speedo works now, but the odometer reading is incorrect. True Mileage is known -- just add 76,645 to the displayed odometer to get the true mileage. I have the original instrument cluster and will include it with the vehicle.
- I took a sharp turn really fast the other day, and now the fuel gauge will only read from 1/2 tank to full; it won't go below 1/2 tank (even if the car is almost empty). You can reliably get 300 miles per tank with just city driving, so I just fill it up every 250-300 miles.
- The engine seems to crank for a longer-than-usual period of time, but it always starts. I've tried fault-tracing, but can't figure it out.
- The exhaust sounds loud inside the car. The exhaust has been replaced three times, and that hasn't fixed it.
- The battery is over 4 years old, and is having difficulty maintaining a charge over a long period of time. If you park the car for more than about 2 weeks, the battery will be dead. That said, the charging system works great, and as long as the car is driving once every 4 days or so, you'll have no issues. I drove it nearly every day, and only encountered a problem whenever I'd fly out on a long business trip.
- The matching set of BF Goodrich Precept Touring tires have 5 to 6/32ds tread remaining. You're good to go for a few more months, but should plan on replacing the tires in the future.

Included with the car will be a fresh wash and a full tank of gas, all the maintenance records I have, and any spare parts I may have lying around. Let me know if you have any questions.


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In response to some PM's, I thought I'd add the following:

Water pump & valve cover gasket were replaced @ 258,546.
Air filter replaced & 4-wheel alignment performed @ 258,196.
Spark plugs, distributor cap, rotor, ignition cables replaced & timing adjusted. Timing belt, front crankshaft seals, camshaft seals, auxiliary shaft seal, alternator belt, and A/C belt were all replaced @ 238,125.
A/C components & fuel pump were replaced recently.

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You couldn't get your lot monkey to get the yellow out of the headlights? :p GLWS :)

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You couldn't get your lot monkey to get the yellow out of the headlights? :p GLWS :)
LOL. I am my own lot monkey, and unfortunately I'm too busy to address that issue.

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SOLD 18 Nov 2012
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