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91 240 Cold Start Question

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Hello everyone.
Question regarding the existing sensors on my 240 Volvo -91. My cold start seems a bit off, and I know that there are sensors involved in the management of the cold start hence my question to you all.
The car starts fine in cold weather, but has rough idling for the first 10-15 sec. Then the idling goes up quiet high, too high in my estimate (this is my 3rd 240, and I have not had this happen before).Is there a good post, a description of the sensors the 240 has (air flow sensor, Co2 sensor etc), what they do, how to replace them (if possible), and where they are located ? Is my cold start experience familiar ?? A sensor problem perhaps ?
I guess that was 2 questions I had....

Thanks for your help and input.

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Re: 91 240 Cold Start Question (anders57)

Start a new topic here...


...and we will fix the cold start problem.

George Dill
Re: 91 240 Cold Start Question (gdill2)

George, thanks !

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