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I have for sale a 1988 Volvo 744GL automatic. The car is located in Northeast Ohio in area code 44060. It has 177k miles on it, and runs and drives very well. With the car I will include a spare set of 15" steel wheels with Gilsaved Nordfrost snow tires.

New parts include:
-new taillights
-new power antenna
-new vacuum booster
-new brake pads on all 4 wheels
-new motor mounts
-new transmission mount
-new energy suspension swaybar endlinks

It needs:
-front brake rotors

Other issues:
The car runs drives and stops fine, however the front brake rotors are warped, and at freeway speeds when you stab the brake pedal, you get a decent vibration. The headliner is shot like most 740s. The moonroof is manual and the previous owner said that it didnt work. It doesnt leak, so I never messed with it. The wires right off of the speed sensor on the rear differential need to be re-insulated, and sometimes the spedometer stops working. All other gages work. I got underneath the car in the middle of winter and saw electrical tape, so I'm guessing the wires are touching and grounding out. They probably need to be cleaned, and individually wrapped in electrical tape. It was too cold for me to mess with, and I was going to fix it once it got warm. I just bought another car and need to liquidate my Volvo collection. It's a solid car that I wouldnt hesitate to drive anywhere. It's in fantastic shape, there's no rust at all, the interior is clean, and it's a great car. The previous owner replaced the drive shafts and timing belt.

Asking price:
$1200 OBO

Matt at [email protected] or on my cell at 440-478-3027

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