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hello all, new user to the list and looking for advice. I just bought an '86 240DL wagon from a guy in my neighborhood. He told me that he had "driven the car home one day and run out of gas in front of his house" I pulled the tank and did some cleaning, replaced the thoroughly varnished in-tank pump, and got the in-line pump working by tapping on it and bumping the electrical connection. I now have gas in the cylinders (I pulled the number 2 plug and it is wet) and I have spark (when I pulled the plug I had a friend crank the engine and witnessed the spark jumping to ground). I figured that the timing has to be off (I got one really big backfire that split the old muffler as I was checking the spark) so I loosened the fixing bolt on the distributor and tried every position possible. I had no more backfires but the engine would not start or even come close.

I have heard the engine (twice, maybe 3 times) sound like it is trying to start. I have a Chilton's manual and am trying to wade through that. I am wondering if there is anything common that I should be looking for before checking everything. When I first started working on the car, I did notice that the in-line fuse on the fender well was blown. I replaced that and it has not blown since I have been cranking on the car.

The engine is a B230F with 132K miles. It has the Bosch Jetronic controller in the passenger footwell. The number on this is 0280 000 544. The ignition module is located by the Radiator overflow bottle it is labeled Volvo 1346107 U.S.A. I think I have the EZ 116K ignition system. Does this soung like it?

The guy that I bought it from said that his sister used to own the car in L.A. and she had "just had a bunch of work done" before he got it from her. The distributor cap and rotor look almost new, the plugs are in great shape (I regapped them to the correct specs.) the fuel filter looks almost new and I am assuming the flame arrestor and the timing belt have also been replaced although I have not checked yet.

BTW, the floor pans are rusted out and the driver seat is starting to come through the floor board. Is this a common issue with this car? What is the preferred fix? I was going to pull the carpet, use one of these paint-over-rust-primer products and then fiberglass.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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