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Today driving my 95 854T to work my up arrow on the dash (Overdrive off) light began flashing. The car had been on for maybe about 8-10 minutes (at the most), and had not long before reached full operating temperature on the guage. (also it was about 80F out and high relative humidity. in VA) The car was still shifting fine, and I didn't notice any problems with the way it was running. I pulled over, took the 854T back home and took a different car to work today. Before I left, I pulled the codes out of the A1 socket to see what might be causing this. All I got was code "323" which, according to the Volvo Pokcet data booklet is "Lock-up slips or is not engaged." Now, a litte bit of background and then the question....

A little over a week ago, I had flushed my transmission with Amsoil ATF becuase
1.) the fluid in there was getting brown and I know it hadn't be changed in at least 20k) and
2.) occasionally, while driving (mostly within the first 20 minutes) the car would shutter a little bit around 70mph (time to go into lockup if I'm correct?)

So after I had the transmission flushed, the car drove perfectly...shifted smooth, no shuttering at lock-up, etc. Of course I've also been keeping an eye on the transmission fluid level, which is fine. From the time that the fluid was changed to today was probably about 300 miles of driving, Currently my 854T has 90k on it.

Now, of course I reset the codes...and tonight I will drive the car to see if this happens again....so the reason I post this message pre-maturely is becasue in less than a week I am moving, and I don't want to drive thge car 400 miles with anything wrong with it like that...and if I need to do work on it, I've got ot get cracking (or get it to a shop if it exceeds my ability).

So, after my speil here, my question is: Does anybody know what might cause that other than a actual flaw in the transmission? I'm really hoping I don't need to get the transmission rebuilt or replaced....Lockup only comes on in 4th gear (OD) in the 850 right? So the problem would be with distance driving...which I acutally do alot of. This dosn't seem like PNP related issues, but could it be that? What else could cause this?

Thanks very much for any assistance,
95 854T 90k
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