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The 850 Turbo first came out with 222hp, and the first US 850 T5-R that came out in 1995 had 240hp. I have a magazine article that states that the 18hp gain was due to a 10-second "overboost" function in the ECU. In 1996/1997 they changed the name to 850R and the horsepower increased to 250hp for manual transmission cars. The automatics still had 240hp. In 1998 it was called the S70R and V70R, with a choice of FWD/AWD and a choice of manual/automatic transmissions. The manual had 250hp and the automatic had 240hp. In 1999 the cars had a new "Laser Blue " color and the same engine power. In 2000, the final year/version of the car, the manual had 265hp. The manual transmission 850 T5-R, 850R, and S70R never made it to the United States.

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