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850r transmission problem

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I have a 1997 850r. Car not moving in any gear...sometimes. Mechanic says I need new transmission. He doesn't do transmissions. Have been reading posts about trying PNP switches and flushes first. Mechanic doesn't think either will help. Is there something different about the 1997 trans from, say, the '96, '95, '94? When is it obvious that only new trans will do the job?
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is it an autmatic? if so tourque converter i am 100% sure this would b the prob.. if manuel, pressure plate or clutch stuffed. rearly do you have problems with autos, unless you r driving very hard or running a high boost turbo...but the tourque converter is the main culprit. the teeth shear and therefor the input shaft spins freeely inside the tourque converter.but u say it happens sometimes....

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