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Clearing a bunch of stuff out of my basement that i'll probably never use. Trying to make some space.

Prices do not include shipping unless noted.

P2R spaceball: $37 shipped, 05+ manual P2R shifter plate: SOLD

05+ Passenger tail light with a small chip, includes bulbs and holder: SOLD

04 S60R tails in great shape. includes bulbs and holders: $100 shipped/pair

P2R cluster cover in great shape. $67 shipped

04 V70R driver side tail lights. Good shape, includes bulbs and holders: $67 shipped

04-05 P2R OTE pipe. oring area is crusty but held boost fine. Includes vband clamp. $107 shipped

850/x70 door sills. a few dings. $35 shipped. One set left

Random K&N filter. I believe it has 3" inlet. SOLD

x70 ecode headlights in good shape. SOLD

S60R Atacama carpets. Cleaned and ready to go. Driver has a small bit of rubber stuck in it, would come out with some effort, but will be under the floor mat regardless. $99+shipping

P2R door sills. two sets: $37 shipped/set

850 manual shifter & cables: Pending

Early style 850 control arms: $41 shipped

Manual x70 pedals: Pending, clutch master: Pending

More random stuff.. no pics at the moment..i'll update as I think of more...

96 850 turbo ECU (auto): $37 shipped
98 S70T5 ECU (auto): $47 shipped

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I'll take the K&N filter off your hands. Shipping to 84642. PM me your paypal and I'll give you the address.
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