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850 turbowagon suspension

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I want to use Ipd lowering springs and Bilsteins on my 94 turbowagon but I read somewhere that the bilsteins will keep the front of the car at stock height, even with the lowering springs!
What is the real story?
Will the ride height be lower?
How about using the yellow Bilstein struts in front and the black "Touring" Bilsteins in the rear? (to save some money).Or should i get all yellow?
Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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What shocks can I use that will give a sporty(not too harsh) ride, yet allow the car to be lowered with the lowering springs?
Koni? Bilstein touring? Boge?

I ordered new front upper strut mounts, should I get new bump stops and rear shock mounts also?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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