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850 turbowagon suspension

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I want to use Ipd lowering springs and Bilsteins on my 94 turbowagon but I read somewhere that the bilsteins will keep the front of the car at stock height, even with the lowering springs!
What is the real story?
Will the ride height be lower?
How about using the yellow Bilstein struts in front and the black "Touring" Bilsteins in the rear? (to save some money).Or should i get all yellow?
Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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fyi, yellow bilsteins are heavy-duty, black ones are touring class (less stiff).

the reason bilsteins hd raise ride height is the design. nitrogen charge in the tube helps prevent the bubbles from forming in the oil. u can read more at bilstein.com. ride height may not be as low but only a little lower. if u'r gonna get bilsteins hd, the go all four corner, rather than tc out back.

obtw, get the spring and strut/shock mounts changed at the same time while u'r at it

just be careful with rough roads and potholes, as the lowering springs and bilsteins hd will be harder...esp with 17". with 15" or 16", the extra tire cushion seems to absorb a lot of the sharp impacts
u probably should rear stuff new also, saves on $ or elbow grease on labor. as for shocks, u can get what your tolerance will accept for ride quality...how hard or how soft u want. i believe koni's may also be gas charged mono (check koni.com)... it's ur choice. there are also a number of springs available that provide different ride heights, look up volvo-tuning.com
i'v only had stock shocks and bilstein hd...the bilsteins work pretty well with stock springs. if u want the other way, u could get new oem ones or similar ones to help keep it comfy. the two biggest things that change ride quality is the thickness of tires and how hard the springs are.
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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