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850 turbo milage

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I have a chance to buy a recovered theft 95 850 turbo wagon for dirt cheap. But the instument cluster is missing, can the dealer pull this info out of the ecu?
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No is the answer to that - the cluster has the mileage as part of the solid state lump.

It's also very expensive to replace - over £500 in the UK, plus the labour of removing the top of the facia to get to it.

I hope this vehicle IS dirt cheap, because you're going to be spending a lot of money sorting out the suspension, box, bodywork and interior, all of which I bet are well and truly shagged due to the sods who nicked it.

I'd also have the shell checked for cracks and warps - if it needs a jig, I really would walk away since it'll be a deathtrap.

I just hope it never happens to mine.
ya, good luck 2deedge, it looks like you're on the edge right now! I hope the car works out of ryou, and you get lucky. These cars can get VERY, VERY expensive, and it's usually a lot of little things you have to do, not one big thing.

Do you mean recovered in that it was taken from the owner due to non-payment, or recovered as in wrecked and bought for parts...

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