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Hey guys,
I have several Volvo 850/S/V70 5 speed manual transmission swap parts to sell. I am not interested at this time in splitting them up and selling them individually. This would make a great deal for someone looking to collect the parts to do a 850 T5M swap as only a transmission and flywheel need to be sourced. My transmission was destroyed in transit and I was going to go with a new OEM flywheel, but never got that far so my loss is your gain. The pedal box is specific to the Volvo 850 only and will NOT fit the S/V70 series. All other parts I have been told, will fit the S/V70 series. Please do your own research and as always your mileage may vary. Shipping is for inside CONUS lower 48 and is estimated at 40 lbs. Will need to ship more than one box due to size of shifter assembly and clutch. Please do not ask me for a shipping quote to your zip as you can easily research and find out an estimate..UPS will be used. You will pay actual shipping only guaranteed! Parts are located at 29579 Myrtle Beach, SC. $325.00 or OBO+shipping. Please don't waste my time or yours with silly lowball offers as we are all grown ups here and know how hard it is to source some of these parts. Pressure plate had some very light storage rust spots, they have been cleaned and cannot be felt with the finger nail. They are superficial and only mentioned because they are there. See pictures.
Parts in following pictures are OEM suppliers for Volvo and include:

Clutch friction plate,pressure plate,throwout bearing,flywheel bushing. New and old clutch master cylinder/w attached hoses and hardline. Slave cylinder new, 850 Pedal box used, 5 spd. shifter assembly with center console base and shifter cables used.

This was going to go into a 97 854R with an 18T/ARD T5M M4.4 tune. I am an old man and as such have decided that this will be my DD with an autotragic transmission.

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