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Hi everyone,
Just wondering how to clean up the solenoids on my 850
I bought this car a couple of months ago.
Truth be know he was dishonest about the state of
The poor car, it started out as "just" an overheat problem
Which I trouble Shooted for him then he wanted more for the
Effin car!! But what he didn't tell me was that it smashed fuel,
Like 60L every two days with poor km/ per 100km or mpg.
But what I noticed was the trans didn't like reverse in fact it wouldnt accelerate
In rev but if u let it alone it would rev on her own steam if u gave it gas, it would just rev an not
Move. I work away for weeks at a time and only have a week off,
I plan on doing a trans flush and wanted to clean out solenoids as I pulle
Codes on the car sayin shift solenoids were faulty...
Can someone tell me where they are an how to clean them,
I am goin to replace all my vac lines this week also any other pointers on why such low mpg
And what to fix or repair would be great! Sorry for the huge story!
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