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850 IPD Sway Bar Kit, 850R ECU, New O2 sensor, etc.

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850R ECU, New O2 sensor, TurboXS BOV, etc.

Prices do NOT include shipping unless stated otherwise.

No home internet, I'm using school internet so responses could be delayed. Sorry.

Brand New Bosch O2 Sensor: $100

TRACS Switch: $10

TurboXS BOV: $45 (does not include the pipe in the lower pic)

Turbo Intake Manifold with attempt port job for NA TB, NA TB included: $45

Also make an offer on the following: (1) S60R foglight and a partially used Stylin Motors silicone vacuum line kit.

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I'll take the antenna down switch. Let me know where to send the $$ by PM or email (email is in my signature).
Money sent tonight for the switch via PayPal....Thanks a ton!

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Re: (MadeInJapan)

emailed about sway bars.
im interested in the front sway...someone with a wagon should get the rear so we can split it
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Thanks! The switch came the other day- now I just have to figure out the installation.
^^^Cool, sorry for the delay in shipping. Good luck with the install.
interested in the ECU. What are the #'s on the ECU? I take it, it's from either a 96 or 97?
Hi are the ecu and the intake manifold still available ?
Both are available. Its for a 96-97. I don't know what numbers you want so I add a picture in the original post.
Re: (tm_94altima)

I'll take the ECU if it's still available, let me know.
I really need that ECU, please let me know what the highest bid is
I've sent all of you messages if you are actually going to buy please respond.
Re: (tm_94altima)

I was interested in the ECU and then ended up buying one on VS.

Gl with your sale
Re: (tm_94altima)

Is the o2 sensor for the front or rear of the cat. The part #'s are different for the front and rear sensor. If it's for the downpipe (front), I'll take it if it hasn't sold yet. IM me... http://********************/smile/emthup.gif
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Front, sorry I forgot to mention that.
Re: (tm_94altima)

Nice, that's the one I need! Sold, check your IM http://********************/smile/emthup.gif
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