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850 heater hoses

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Its Saturday afternoon and the auto parts store I need is, of course, closed. Coolant started pouring out from under the car ('94 850 Turbo wagon) after I parked it at the house after work last night. Yikes! I had just installed a new turbo and had visions of a busted cartridge, busted water lines, etc....I had also recently lost ALL the coolant on the interstate, overheated the engine, and warped the head. New radiator, head job and miscellaneous stuff set me back $4000 plus. So, I am understandingly a bit paranoid about leaking green liquids.

Started looking for the leak this AM.....finally found that it was the heater hose going from the block to the firewall...a hole in the hose way up near the block where it is impossible to see without disassembling the entire air system (at least I didn't have to pull the turbo!). Of course the hole was on the underside of the hose.

My question:

This hose is attached in normal fashion to a hose nipple at the engine end using a worm gear clamp. At the firewall, the hose is crimped to a metal pipe that makes a 90 degree angle before it enters the firewall. This metal pipe freely rotates in its hole, leading me to believe that it may socket into a fitting that is attached to the actual pipes that go to the heater core on the other side of the fire wall. How is the engine side hose and pipe assembly removed? I want to get it out so I can be ready Monday to replace it. I have the Haynes manual, but it is a total piece of crap and says nothing about heater hose removal. I don't want to start yanking on it and risk damaging something expensive. Help!


Ed Williams
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The hose connects to the block with a hose clamp. It is NOT easy to get to.

To disconnect the hose from the firewall, pinch the plastic pieces that are on either side of the metal connector and pull. It will come out easily. Do not take any of the screws out.

Beware, the cost of that hose will be MUCH more than one would expect.
Got the hoses and did the repair today. You are right...the hoses are expensive and none of the area Volvo dealers even stock them. So, ordered them online, got them quicker than from the dealer, and saved $50 even with shipping. I also replaced the lower radiator hose while I was in there. The hose end at the block really is buried...I took out almost all of the air handling hoses and pipes to get to it, plus the air box. The clips at the firewall weren't too hard once you see how the clips work. I used 2 flat bladed jeweler's screwdrivers place 180 degrees apart and levered the clip and pipe out with no damage to the clip, which I reused.

Ed WIlliams
Where did you order Volvo parts online? I live in Atlanta (about 4 miles from Dyer & Dyer) but refuse to buy anything from them, so I have to drive 15 miles across town to go to Chris Volvo. Even though the people at Chris are great, they are WAY proud of their parts if you know what I mean...
has anyone elses found that haynes manuels are very undetailed?? there good for just your serves type jobs ,but when you whant to get into something nitty gritty, there nothing but waste paper....

I ordered the hoses from Foreign Car Parts, 734 Poquonnock Road, Groton, CT 63404. Their phone is 860-445-7340. I don't have their web address handy but if you do a search for 'volvo parts' you will find them. I chose them based on total price, including shipping. Some of the sites I looked at play games with the price but make it up with very high shipping costs (especially overnight). These guys had good prices and overnight shipping via Airborne Express was less than $9.00. The heater hoses I got were tagged with Volvo stickers and had 'Volvo' molded into the rubber. The radiator hose was aftermarket, made in Austraila. All the hoses fit perfectly. Very satisfactory experience...you just gotta love the Internet and the honest people doing business on it!

Originally posted by zippadeee:
Foreign Car Parts...their web address
FYI: FCP Groton just quoted me, this morning, $105 ea. for both Front and Rear O2 sensors for my '96 850 R.


P.S. the "O2 Sensor Quick Fix" wasn't that quick for me. Had to tow my Baby home halfway through my test drive. Now I'm gonna pay over $200 to fix it. I'll be happy with 15mpg city from now on.
Sammy et al:

The web address I used to order was

Its an online store for FCP Groton.

Ed Williams
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