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850 Gallery Changes

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We just added more to our 850 galleries, including several BTCC galleries. You can see more here.

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Hi George,

I have driven around that circuit a few times in a BMW3 and single seaters its called Oultan Park in the northwest of England.

I also have this pictured framed on the wall. The others i have too, and i have inserted the drivers pictures which are signed into the frames.

Mark in the uk.
We're trying to build this section out just a little more. Between ebay and some readers who were generous enough to share their press kits, we're building a gallery out of pictures that Volvo has allowed us to use for editorial purposes.
Mark maybe you were like me..I literally must have gone to about 80% of all the races volvo were in, both estates, saloons and s40s- so I have hundreds of posters too..they take loads with that archway in the background i've noticed.

Ahhhhh the good old days almost getting in fights with Renault and Audi fans in the stands

The UK VOC may well be planning a trip to Donnington in October (I think it's then) to see the S60 race so anyone in the UK whos intersted, email me at [email protected] and I'll let you know when we get some info.

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I believe there are two UK races for the ETCC this season.
Yeah, is it May 5th or something? at Silverstone?? We are going to www.santapod.com in May
George if you get any info on your Prodrive contact mail me bout it dude.

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Great images.... nice to see them online!!!!!
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