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850 Factory Service Manuals

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Hi, I'm Jeff from Southern California. I recently joined the Swedespeed message board-nice collection of forums and resources. I have a question for the others here in 850 land. Can anyone help me determine which of Volvo's service manuals I should purchase? I finally found the Volvo NA publications web site (http://www.volvotechinfo.com/index.asp), which lists all available Volvo service manuals for the 850 and virtually every other Volvo produced. However, there are LOTS of official publications for just the 850-the complete set apparently costs over $3,000. This probably includes all theservice bullitens as well, and so I am trying to find out which of the basic manuals (engine, suspension, transmission, etc) I should consider getting. I am reluctant to order $300 or so of manuals sight unsen, so I am hoping there is someone here that either owns they key books or has seen them in the flesh, so to speak. Anyone?
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