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850 cd player

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I just got a 94' 850 and it did'nt come with a cd player, Im on a limited budget so I dont want to spend the 1000 dollars at volvo on a cd changer and the alpine cd changer with installation seems like it would be expensive as well. I was wondering if you could install regular aftermarket headunits, seeing as the stock head unit is sort of square shaped, or if someone had a reasonably priced alternative.
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pioneer made a twin "DIN" slot cd player.there resonbly priced and are good too.
do you have a url or any additional information on that twin din
Just so its easier to find stuff later on it, its not twin din, Double Din is the proper word. JVC makes a decent affordable one also.
if you have the sc810 radio, you can get the alpine cd changer that's comaptible with that radio. it should cost about $350 or so with install. www.crutchfield.com has stuff on the alpine changer i'm talking about, plus you can browse thru a lot of different types of brands and $$ ranges as well.
an Alpime changer is a great option and you can hook it up direct, not as a RF unit. Take a look on eBay too, use "Volvo CD" and "double din" as your searches. This will come up with some good items.
also, the hole isn't exactly a d-din. Its actually a little bit bigger. so you really would have to make a special bracket for it to stay in or pay Circuit city $70 to make you one... I'd go with the changer, thats what I did at first. Though you do get better sound quality out of a different head unit. I was noticing that the treble of the stock unit wasn't quite up to par with the bass it was putting out. When I put the new one in, it was like night and day. The stock speakers in that car are quite good. They might not get as loud as others, but at lower levels, they are excellent imho. The changer is quite convenient though. The alpine fits right into the glove box so you don't have to go into the trunk every time.
Good luck deciding,

Originally posted by turboale:
hey jesse, did you custom make that gauge holder, or did you buy it. I made a little Fm transmitter that i want to mount down there in that empty space as well as another gauge...
I custom made it . I had a piece of 1/4" plastic in the garage and cut it to fit in the slot. I thought that I would have to make some sort of clip to hold it in place,but the fit was so tight that you have to pry it off.

The plastic was clear so I had to spray paint it flat black. I held the can about 2' away to give it the same texture as the rest of the dash.

The only thing I am not happy with is the alum look of the radio or gauges . I doesn't look good with the wood dash
. The only reason I got the head unit was so I could control the monitor in the car better.

See pictures in my SIGNATURE
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Thats really cool, I like it, though i agree with the whole silver thing. I have the same style autometer gauge on the pod, and it doesn't seem too bad. I want to get another headunit this summer b/c the cd player in mine is extremely picky and annoying. I'll have to take a look around my dad's garage and look for random pieces of stuff that could work as dash pieces...

Originally posted by pj's 850:
Just so its easier to find stuff later on it, its not twin din, Double Din is the proper word. JVC makes a decent affordable one also.
you no what i mean.twin din. sounds funny
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