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Re: 850 a reliable car?? (zon)


I think I can speak with some level of credibility on this.....although what JRL has said is true...regarding 850's that may not have been well cared for. The AC is an issue if left unattended. The ABS sensor..as noted by JRL..can be corrected. And you may find, over time, that some cracks will appear in the door handles..right at the insert or pull area. Once that crack starts....it will not stop. Again, this is a cosmetic and not a mechanical issue.
Overall...the 850 is fairly solid car...very safe and gennerally dependable if properly maintained.
My wife drives our 96 GLT daily to work and then the pick up our daughter from school..it will flip 100k this week. I drive a 91 240 with 237,929 miles as my daily driver........so I would say that the older 4 and 5 cyl Volvos are pretty durable
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