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I am inheriting this beauty that hasn't been running for over a year. The last time it was running it had just gone through an emissions inspection and passed with the use of ethylene I believe. Shortly thereafter it stopped running. I think I have narrowed it down to a fuel problem because it will turn over and start, RPM's jump to 2K for maybe a second, then it dies. Pressing on the accelerator has no effect.

When I turn the ignition key, I can hear the hum of the fuel pump most times. But when I do, it seems to hum indefinitely. Is it supposed to prime and then shut off?

Where should I begin? I have seen somewhat similar posts that talk about the screen on the in-tank fuel pump being clogged. I believe the fuel filter under the hood is new. Does it sound like a flow or pressure problem? Too early to tell?

Thank you for your time

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Re: '84 GLT starts but will not idle (DirkSteele)

Welcome to Swedespeed, Dirk.

For sure sounds like a fuel problem.

If the car has a fuel pump relay it could be faulty but from your description of the problem a more likely possibility could be a faulty fuel pump or fuel pressure regulator.

If the fuel system is full of gunk from more than a year of no-run status then a full clean-up is in order.

Carefully check to confirm fuel at the injectors.

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