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'83 240 NA vs. WS6 Trans-Am (HA!)

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OK, don't ask me why, but on the way to work this morning I ended up at a stoplight with a late-model Trans-Am WS6 (super snout) beside me, revving for all he's worth (some really young kid behind the wheel.) I didn't think much of it, and when the light when green I just accelerated normally. Well, it happened to be very wet this morning, with a light mist falling, and as we all know, Big Torque + No Skill = Wheelspin. I got a big jump on the guy as he sat on the line spinning, hooking, then spinning some more. I'm still pulling away the whole time (and uphill, no less!) He finally gets going and as he's getting to my rear bumper he shifts and - wait for it - starts spinning again! I can just imagine his frustration, seeing an old Volvo's taillights leaving him behind.

He finally gets control and rockets by me after about 20 seconds of floundering. He cuts me off just as we reach the next light, and he makes the same right turn - fishtailing all the way! He nearly ended up in the ditch trying to show me how fast his car is.

If he keeps trying, he'll win a Darwin Award for sure.

I figured the other 240 guys would appreciate this...
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Hmm, sounds like me 10-years ago. Guess we all learn some time.

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