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I just registered so I am a newbie...
I am now the very happy owner of a 88 740 wagon. I have done several updates, sway bars, tires, struts and new leather seats. Now I am setting my sights on the stereo.

I am not looking to make a booming oncert hall on wheels just a decent sounding car stereo. The previous owner replaced the factory head unit with a POOR awia unit. To start I am going to put in a JVC head unit and possibly 4 new speakers. I want to find speakers that will fit the original holes in the door panels. Has anyone tried this? Also are there any amplifiers that fit in the area under the steering wheel were the factory amps are? I have thought about putting a small sub woofer in the area that the "third seat goes" sometime in the future also.

Any thoughts.

Thank you,
Cheers Mark http://********************/smile/emcocktl.gif

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Re: 740 Stereo upgrade? (mark from sac)

Welcome to Swedespeed, Mark.

Nice wagon - pics?

Swedespeed is blessed with an entire forum on your subject at


and I noticed some 740 projects while searching the archives.

Also, the www has Volvo 745 stereo projects on-going including some at


Once you login at Swedespeed try the search engine for stereo stuff in the RWD archives.

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