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Hello again forum,

Four years ago, I bought a fairly nice California 72 144, with documentation, incl the original sales receipt from Stockholm, where the PO picked it up in October '71. I am second owner. It's a high mileage car (with club badges/registration)- has never been off the road. However, the window scraper/door seals shrunk at some point and water got in to the lower doors. There are now rust holes at the bottom of both doors, at the bottom. The car has never been repainted or restored, but the engine is fresh, with a ported head from J Parker, Dual Mikunis from JP, 123 Distributor, headers, steel timing gears, rings, balanced rods, bearings, Cam, rockers, followers, push-rods, rocker assembly refurbed, new oil pump, 1800 oil sump with port for oil temp, rebuilt steering box, etc, etc. There was an issue with ticking, which is why I had to re-rebuild the motor. Turned out, it was a worn cam-gear spacer. The steel timing gear had worn the original soft copper/alloy spacer to have almost 4mm play. This allowed the cam to tap against it on every revolution. New spacer from IPD and tick is gone. Was FI, and have all the parts to return to FI. Head just has blocked off FI ports.

The interior is actually pretty nice, dash has no cracks, the seats are good, carpet, etc. Clock works, has a rare Smiths Volvo RPM gauge (rebuilt in the UK 2 years ago for 123 distro) . All functions work. New headlights, nice headlight bezels. The interior door cards are toast from sunlight, before I got it. Sadly, can't find originals replacements.

I would like to have the car painted, but... my guess is $10k for a 10' job, $20k+ for something nice One issue is, I don't know or trust anyone in the Orlando area for this kind of work. Add to that, I don't have space in the garage, which is why it's now developing these rust issues. I easily have $11k in this car. Seems like nice and shiny 144s fetch under $20k. There's no way I would even break even, and likely lose quite a bit. If someone knows of a shop who would paint this for a reasonable amount in the SouthEast USA - someone with experience with these cars - I would love that.

Otherwise, this is a great platform for an as-is daily driver, or a restoration. I would imagine someone would buy it just to have a nice B20 with all this work, for their own project. Pity to see it broken up, but the longer it sits here, the more dire the rust will become.

Any suggestions?
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