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'70 P1800E "Special" Code...S-5951

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I have just become the new owner of a 1970 P1800E, chassis #32,444...As I'm working through the resoration process (starting with getting the engine to start !) I've recorded all the important serial numbers and have come across one I don't know the meaning of. The number is part of the plate under the hood in the engine compartment and is recorded under the Vehicle Type/Color/Upholstery code sequence. The number is "S-5951". Does anyone know what this Volvo "special" code stands for? Thanks.
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Re: '70 P1800E "Special" Code...S-5951 (gagratz)

Welcome to Swedespeed, Glenn.

You are in the hotbed of Volvo 1800 land and surrounded by skilled Volvo Nuts in the Houston area. They seldom visit here so you can look them up at


Gary Sievert and George McDonald are two.

The internet world-wide has your 1800E well covered historically including chassis data and VIN codes.

Have you registered your car here?


All the numbers you seek are at


just be sure your AdobeAcrobat is working (.pdf).

George Dill
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