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--="6th Annual Midwest Madness"=--
Calling all Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, and Illinois Volvo enthusiasts! This is a call to any and all involved with Turbobricks, Volvospeed, Brickboard, Swedespeed or VCOA out there willing to take a trip to the North-woods of Wisconsin.

When: Saturday June 23rd to June 24th 2012
This is a 24hr event and includes drag racing at your own risk.
The raceway may offer a group discount, but please do not rely on this preceding notion.

Arrival time: No earlier than 9am and no later than noon.

Where: Fox Run Tavern 1515 S. 65th Ave
Eau Claire, WI 54703

The festivities include:
Drag racing at Rock Falls Raceway!
Making new friends and seeing old acquaintances.
Camping over night... bring your gear!
A barrel of brew
Bag Toss
Sand Volleyball
Fire Pit
Raffle prizes
Sunday brunch in town
River Run
(scheduled for Saturday early afternoon and Sunday morning)

What your $5 registration includes:
10 free raffle tickets, map and registration form.
Tickets will be 15 for $5 and an arm span for $20.

Just like the last 5 years *I need you, the attendees to provide what we eat Potluck style!*. The subsequent posts will be dedicated to those attending members and an update of what they intend to pass for the potluck.

I will provide all the utensils, napkins, cups, ice, and plates as usual.

$5 for a cup provides all the beer you can handle from the KEG. Drink responsibly!
Driving will commence before dinner on Saturday and before brunch on Sunday.

The Fox Run and I would like to welcome you all back, but just keep in mind it's the same old patrons at the bar and they deserve our respect, except for that **** sucker with the lame overworked iron cross chopper. Bathroom space is adequate, however there are no showers on site. I do not provide showers, so a solar shower may be in order, TB style.

PM jvdohm for further info and regarding your attendance!

Sponsors this year include, but not limited to...


For those of you interested in a little background...
MMI 2007

MMII 2008

MMIII 2009

MMIV 2010

MMV 2011

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