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CA car 38 years, FL car 6 years
This car has been kept/restored by son of original owner
Getting ready to retire and own too many cars
- car was repainted original tan, but is due another paint job
- original headliner in very nice shape
- newer rubber flooring
- original seats in good condition with additional seat covers
- the original door panels are in very good condition
- all door seals, window channels, glass seals replaced
- factory roof rack
- nice factory exterior trim
- new windshield
- all instrumentation is rebuilt
- original working am radio with remote/hidden 10 CD changer and stereo (sony xplod)
- new dash pad
- brakes drums/rotors turned, new hoses and pads/shoes, new brake assit
- electronic ignition (IPD)
- engine B18B rebuilt about 100,000 miles ago, runs strong and clean
- 2bbl weber carburetor
- new exhaust, muffler, resonator
- manual transmission and OD (Volvo) rebuilt
- 24 City, 29 Highway
- new tires
- new clutch and clutch hydraulics
- complete new cooling system, including heater core, new heater valve
- Volpar AC kit professionally installed with extra electric cooling fan and runs great
- new gas tank, rear end, bushings, IPD rear springs, shocks, extra trans and OD, extra parts
This car is extremely clean and fun to drive! $11,000
Please call 813-902-1403 or email [email protected]

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Re: 65 122s wagon for sale w/ac, od (zman)

Welcome to Swedespeed, zman.

Nice wagon - pics at ipd Ad #3484...


Why I'm fixinda ask some dumb questions ain't sure 'cause I just sold my '68 but here goes...

Is the title clear?
Is the car currently registered and licensed?
Does the car have a current inspection sticker?
Is the AC R134a?
When last driven on the highway for an extended trip did the car show any needs?
And lastly, what does the car need, if anything, in the way of immediate repairs to become fully roadworthy?

Whooowee - don't let my wife see me doing this.

George Dill

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Re: 65 122s wagon for sale w/ac, od (gdill2)

The title is clear.
It's registered and licensed until 1 Mar '10.
No inspection stickers required in FL for this car.
If R134a is the current coolant required, then yes (kit installed in 2005).
No needs for long distance/high speed (70-75mph) crusing. I drove from Tampa to Jacksonville and back (about 500 miles) w/o any problems.
The car is completely roadworthy now. It does need some cosmetics:
3 nickle-quarter size areas (2 on LF fender in front of driver door, 1 on bottom left corner of lower tailgate) of rust bubbles. Zero underbody rust(garaged CA car from 1965-2004). It could use a paint job . Driver outside door seal and attachment rail need installing (parts on hand). I wouldn't hesitate driving across the US in it now.

You don't happen to be USAF George Dill?
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