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5W-30 out 0W-20 In

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For my 40K service today I see that the dealer used 0W-20 synthetic oil and not the 5W-30 used 11 months ago for the 30K service. Dealer told me that 0W-20 is the new specification issued by Volvo.
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I am not sure how they can legally do this however...

If you can "only use" Castrol Pro, and it is not available outside of a volvo dealership... then they have to do the service for free. If Liquid Moly and other oils that meet their spec are not allowed under the warranty, then they must provide the oil changes for free. Or get sued.
I think they are referring to the 3 complimentary oil changes. As of warranty maintenance, it still should be covered if an approved (not "recommended" ) Volvo oil is used. For instance, both Motul and Liqui Moly are approved by Volvo. You can find the approval document online.

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