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5W-30 out 0W-20 In

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For my 40K service today I see that the dealer used 0W-20 synthetic oil and not the 5W-30 used 11 months ago for the 30K service. Dealer told me that 0W-20 is the new specification issued by Volvo.
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I won't change the oil that was spec'd for my engine at time of manufacture until I see a Service Bulletin from Volvo that blesses the latest technology oil for my engine. I'm sure the new spec that the dealer switched to is appropriate for the current year model, but what about older cars? The dealership I worked at had one big bulk oil tank. Whatever the flavor that was in the tank went in every oil change. Turns out that product was what caused the cam lobes to scrub off the camshafts. That Service Bulletin, and my oil change records can make or break a goodwill plea to Volvo, or, worst case, a $5,000 limit small claims case if everything goes Tango Uniform.
^ pinche Volvo with the stupid oil specs again. Thanks. Liquid moly it is I guess.
What is specced for your engine? That Castrol is A1-B1, which is what my 09 XC90 3.2 is supposed to have. That spec has been obsoleted to A3-B3. I think the viscosity may be a little better if it crept up to 30w. I bought Mobil 1 A3-B3 0-30w from Costco. Be careful with A5-B5, though, it may not be good for earlier engines.
This is a SPA forum, so whatever you're using in your 3.2 is DEF not what is spec'd. The spec is below, and it's not even officially available in US from Castrol.
Sorry, saw it to0 late and tried to delete the post right after. Didn't take. That Edge is an older spec, though.
I am not sure how they can legally do this however...

If you can "only use" Castrol Pro, and it is not available outside of a volvo dealership... then they have to do the service for free. If Liquid Moly and other oils that meet their spec are not allowed under the warranty, then they must provide the oil changes for free. Or get sued.
I think the conversation in the TJ's is with the dealer. There was a time when oils the dealers were using actually damaged camshafts in pockets of the country. They're effectively telling the dealer to use what we tell you, or your on your own. As a consumer. your only requirement is to use products that meet the manufacturer's specs, unless you don't worry about warranty coverage.
1 - 4 of 58 Posts
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