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5W-30 out 0W-20 In

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For my 40K service today I see that the dealer used 0W-20 synthetic oil and not the 5W-30 used 11 months ago for the 30K service. Dealer told me that 0W-20 is the new specification issued by Volvo.
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My V90 says 5W-30. I wonder if Volvo will come out with a replacement decal for that panel under the hood. Maybe Tech knows.
yes volvo sent stacks of labels and they cover the old label. after next service yours will likely say 0w-20 too
I've read that a few times and went w/ the FCP euro liquidmoly oil change kit just like everyone else.

My question remains: wtf are the dealerships using if there's no Castro pro v? The unobtanium Volvo branded oil? Is that why they charge $200 for an oil change?!?
we dont have trouble with quarts, we get 55gal drums of 0w20 castrol pro v. supply line is a little different when you go through hundreds of gallons a month compared to a couple gallons per year.
1 - 2 of 58 Posts
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