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5W-30 out 0W-20 In

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For my 40K service today I see that the dealer used 0W-20 synthetic oil and not the 5W-30 used 11 months ago for the 30K service. Dealer told me that 0W-20 is the new specification issued by Volvo.
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Thanks so much! If you join their mailing list it's only $8/qt. Not that bad.
Whether you pay for 6 months or a year, 12 quarts is cheaper than buying it without the subscription. I'll use it for my first oil change after 3k miles or so on the 21 and I'm going to send in a sample of the factory oil to Blackstone Labs. I'll happily use my factory included oil change at 10k. Not sure how willing the dealer will be to collect another sample of oil for analysis.

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After USPS hung onto my oil sample for 3 weeks, it finally reached Blackstone Labs. Just read thru the analysis if anyone is interested. I don't have anything to compare it to yet, but I'm surprised at some of the metals compared to the average. I'll send in the 2017's oil after this weekend.

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I am not sure how they can legally do this however...

If you can "only use" Castrol Pro, and it is not available outside of a volvo dealership... then they have to do the service for free. If Liquid Moly and other oils that meet their spec are not allowed under the warranty, then they must provide the oil changes for free. Or get sued.
Read the whole thread and the TJ and the Volvo manual. Castrol 0w20 Professional V is required during service at the dealer that requires engine oil replacement (included maintenance for example). If your engine is replaced or rebuilt, Castrol 0w20 Professional V is required too. That's at the dealer. Because they changed from 5w30 with the past year and a half.

Volvo spec Ow20 (VCC RBS0-2AE) is required for the engines outside of the dealer replacing the oil. LiquiMoly, Motul, Amsoil, Ravenol are a few that carry the spec.

It's similar to any car that requires premium but recommends BP or Shell or whatever. Premium is required no matter where you get it from. The recommendation is just that: a recommendation.

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I read the TJ and it said "Volvo will not pay any oil maintenance claims that are performed without using Castrol Edge Professional V 0W-20 Synthetic oil."

Are they meaning they will not pay for service that does not use the Castrol? Or are they saying they will not pay claims arising from not using Castrol?

Otherwise, I will happily order the amsoil
Oil maintenance = oil change intervals under warranty. The wording is strange, but the TJ's have been updated. The Volvo manual is very clear (first photo)

Amsoil carries the Volvo spec. However, I wasn't that impressed with Amsoil's 0w20 Euro oil based this analysis (second photo). TBN, flashpoint, viscosity... all appear oddly low for oil with that little mileage on it. I found Volvo spec Castrol available online and at a local dealer, so I'll be using that for as long as possible.

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Where are you finding the castrol Volvo spec oil? Local dealer?

For me.. my area... its amsoil or Liquid moly
I found some on Ebay the first time from a eastern US dealer. Found some at a dealer in the Phoenix area. And recently ordered some from ECS Tuning:

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Got the results back from the Amsoil 5w30 Signature oil on the 2017. I'm equally unimpressed as with the 0w20 Eurp oil. I will no longer be using Amsoil. Even Pennzoil Ultra 5w30 yielded better metal wear numbers overall. I'm starting to think Amsoil is a gimmick, even with carrying Volvo's spec.

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Volvo's spec has prioritized fuel economy over engine wear. They require a low HTHS (lower shear stability) oil, like most modern manufacturers.

I remember seeing this! Oddly enough, I didn't get any better gas mileage on my former early model 2020 (with Castrol 5w30 from the factory) than I do right now with my 2021 with Castrol 0w20. I would have had the 2021's oil for analysis, but the dealer changed it at about 10k miles without me planning on it.

Maybe behind the scenes Volvo, as well as numerous other manufacturers, are investing in the inevitable future of premature engine failure during the transition to battery power...to corner customers into one choice? Nice way to make a customer's money go to waste

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Improving fuel efficiency by 0.5% across a fleet of vehicles is not nothing, but it comes at a cost (increased wear for aluminum and copper).

I reject their engineering decision, especially because I already average 50+ mpg in my T8.
I like how Volvo flexes engine protection as one of the reasons Volvo spec 0w20 is required

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Is Amsoil an Amway style of home/pyramid scheme type of sales model?

We're on a big road trip and currently going through Midwest. I've never seen it before and now just at about every home we drive by in WI towns and on rural highways advertise "Amsoil sold here". Even a couple of NAPA stores I've seen the sign in the window.
Yeah, I've seen people trying to plug Amsoil and I think it's similar to what you describe. Anyone can buy it online, but you can be a member and save money on all products. I'm just not that impressed after having the oil analyzed.

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Do people "really", no, "really" look at charts when buying oil? WOW! How about you use what is recommended or don't, and deal with the consequences. I mean, the oil threads on this forum are beyond redundant. One common "thread" if you will, is that everyone has their own opinion and their own unique situation. If you don't have a unique situation, be it performance or climate, (extremes in either instance) then use what is recommended. (Especially if it is what is recommended to keep you in warranty)

Otherwise, use magenta.……Someone will get it…..
I'm using what's required by Volvo and using the oil analysis as feedback on how it performed. Trying to narrow down what Volvo approved oil seems to yield the best results

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