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Re: 5 Weeks, 3600 miles (Lightspeed)

Quote, originally posted by Lightspeed »
So far so good with my new ride, but a few things just popped up in the past few days.
- left rear window will not go up without help. Seems to be out of track at the back.
- Average MPH display does not change from 36 MPH. Been like this for 4 days.
- The engine fan, from turning the car on in the morning (cold) kicks right into high/very fast speed, and seems to stay at this rate for my entire drive.

Has anyone experienced any of these conditions?
Any diagnosis?

There are two tracks for the window glass . . . one in the front, and one in the back. Sometimes during assembly things are off by only a fraction, and the end result is what you are experiencing. Obviously this is covered under warranty, so just let your retailer fix it.

Average mph -- scroll to that screen then press and hold the "RESET" button on the turn signal stalk until you get a "- - - - " type display. That will set it back to zero. See if the computer starts calculating from there. FYI, 3500 miles in 5 weeks is A LOT of driving . . . sounds like you're spending most of your time on the highway. If so, and you're mostly cruising, it is possible that you could be getting extremely good fuel economy, particularly if you're drafting off of other vehicles (I typically don't see drafting affect instantaneous fuel economy until I'm dangerously close to the other driver, so I really doubt this is why you're getting such good fuel economy).

Have your retailer look at your engine fan. Sometimes we see a defective unit that does crazy stuff . . . it shouldn't be on initially when the engine is cold, but will cut on when necessary. It will also keep running after you shut the engine down to help circulate the coolant. Also, the passenger compartment fan will cut on and off intermittently, whether the vehicle is on or off, to help prevent mold from growing in the AC ducting . . . that is completely normal.
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