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Re: 5 Weeks, 3600 miles (vintagemilano)

I never reset my average MPH, and it is stuck at 46 MPH for about 2 months. It really takes a lot of steady driving to get it above or below your normal average. It's very hard to keep your average MPH high.

As far as 500 miles per week, that's pretty good mileage...before I moved, I was driving 160-200 miles per day, 5 days a week. Not so good. Thank goodness this was before my R. But, the Pathfinder is barely 3-1/2 and it's got 139k on it.

Good thing I bought a Japanese car.

I have also experienced the high fan at times when I did not think the car was that hot, but never for a whole trip. That plus the window track = dealer visit.
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